GreenFasten™ – GF2

The GreenFasten™ GF2 flashing (embossed with two patented cone shapes and fit with two EPDM rubber bushings), when used with any EcoFasten Solar compression bracket (milled with patented counter sinks) creates a watertight seal that will maintain the integrity of the roof.

GreenFasten GF2 is installed with lag bolts or self-drilling fasteners, providing a very fast install, and delivering a mounting solution for all new or existing (retrofit) composition shingle roofs.  Utilizes EcoFasten Solar’s patented watertight technology. Backed by IAPMO certification.

System Type

Rail Based

Compatible Roof Types

Composition Shingle

Features & Benefits

  • Patented watertight seals form an impenetrable moisture barrier
  • Compatible with a variety of compression bracket options
  • Extensively tested for pullout and shear
  • Customized solutions to match any proprietary hardware
  • Meets or exceeds all known building codes
  • Accepted by major roofing materials manufacturers without voiding warranties
  • Retrofit without removing shingles
  • Utilizes lag bolts or self-drilling fasteners to secure to the roof
  • EcoFasten Solar products are protected by these U.S. Patents

How to Purchase

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Components Required

  • GreenFasten™ GF2 flashing (8"x12", 0.032" Al flashing) includes two 5/16" ID bonded washers
  • Compression bracket - includes two 3/8"-16 x 1-1/4" bolts and two 3/8" flange nuts for racking
  • Fasteners - 5/16" diameter

Bracket Options


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