Simple Seal Hanger Bolt Assembly

The Simple Seal Hanger Bolt Assembly was designed to penetrate the crest on a Sine Wave metal corrugated panel.

The patented Simple Seal bushing is extra wide and will conform to the contours of the rib, resulting in a watertight seal. The fender washer is height adjustable, and acts as a “platform” that allows installers to attach a variety of roof mount brackets, such as L-Feet, or directly attach a rail with vertical fastener points.  The hanger bolt measures 6″ in length.

System Type

Rail Based

Compatible Roof Types


How to Purchase

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Components Required

  • 5/16 Fender Washer
  • 5/16 Flange Nut 18-8 SS
  • 5/16 Hex Nut 18-8 SS
  • Custom Cone Shaped Flashing with Simple Seal Bushing
  • 5/16 6" Hanger Bolt 304 SS


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