Say Hello to Esdec U.S.– Solar Mounting Systems by Installers, for Installers

By Bart Leusink

I’d like to introduce you to Esdec, the newest solar panel mounting systems supplier to hit the U.S. commercial, industrial and residential rooftop markets. If you’re familiar with the European solar market, you may already know us as a leader in solar mounting systems on the other side of the Atlantic. Since 2004, we’ve delivered more than 1.8 GW of systems, with plenty of repeat customers, and worked with some of the biggest brands around, including Heineken and Ikea.

Having established itself as one of the leading mounting systems suppliers in Europe, Esdec is ready to expand internationally. We believe there’s plenty of room in the U.S. solar market for an agile, customer-centric innovator to help installers and developers accelerate their installation velocity and improve their bottom line with a reliable, proven, world-class product.

If you’re wondering why we’re confident about finding success in a competitive U.S. market, you can look back at the founding of the company in Amsterdam 14 years ago. Esdec was started by a group of rooftop solar installers who became increasingly dissatisfied with the mounting and racking systems and the level of customer service—or more accurately the lack of consistent service—available at the time.

So Esdec’s founders had a bright idea: design and develop a system that incorporated their wish list for the ideal mounting structure—lightweight, sturdy, easy and fast to install, low cost, with superior aerodynamics and thermal management—and bring it to market. In other words, it was a classic “we can build a better mousetrap” story. And it worked. Within a few years, first with our own installations and then with sales to other integrators and distributors, Esdec became known for its high-quality offering, and the business took off.

It’s why we say our mounting systems have been designed by installers, for installers. And the same rings true to this day as we enter the U.S. market.

But in addition to producing a quality product, it’s critical that a mounting system provider offers the technical and sales support to back up its product line. We are in constant communication with our customers, whose suggestions and feedback help us to continuously innovate and improve our systems. Few if any of the other solar mounting companies combine the large-scale R&D, patented advanced technology, and level of customer input translated into rapid product development on the scale we do—and we’re eager to bring our commitment to quality, innovation and attentive service to the U.S. solar community.

As part of our U.S. launch, we’ll be showcasing and demonstrating our fast, simple-to-install FlatFix flat-roof mounting system as well as our ClickFit system for pitched shingle roofs at Solar Power International 2018 in Anaheim. For anyone interested in our better mousetrap for rooftop installations, I encourage you to come by our Booth 378 for a conversation and demonstration. We’re also honored to have been selected as the rooftop mounting provider for the live system installed as part of the Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace at SPI. To kick off our U.S. launch with a bang, we’ll also be having a contest to give away a free 100-KW FlatFix system to one lucky visitor to our booth.

I look forward to seeing many of my solar friends and colleagues and unveiling our innovative mounting systems with the solar rooftop installer, distributor and developer community at SPI. For those who won’t be attending the big show, drop me a line or give me a call so we can talk about how Esdec can help you with your commercial and residential projects.

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