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SimSupport Solar Attachment Video: See How It Works


SimSupport is a stand-alone watertight solar mounting bracket with two attachment points utilizing two SimpleSeal EPDM rubber bushings for a fast and easy installation. Compatible with rail-based solar racking systems, the SimSupport bracket uses minimal components and can accommodate any EcoFasten compression bracket or third-party bracket. SimSupport features a unique center lift to ensure the solar modules are raised off the surface of the roof. Due to its small footprint, the bracket is an ideal solution for mounting rooftop solar on metal roofs in narrow valleys between ribs or ridges. Fastener spacing allows for two fasteners per wood rafter for increased strength.

>> Patented Watertight Technology

>> The SimSupport bracket features a unique center lift and dual attachment points

>> Two EPDM rubber bushings come pre-installed in the SimSupport bracket

>> Compatible with a variety of EcoFasten compression brackets and third-party roof mounting components

>> The bracket employs two attachment points for optimum pullout values

>> SimSupport is an ideal solution for installing solar on narrow pans and valleys between metal roof ribs or ridges


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