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Installing Solar Panels on
Corrugated Metal Roofing

EcoFasten's rail-less solar racking system, RibFit attached to a solar panel on a blue roof

When it comes to installing rooftop solar panels, the choice of roofing material is crucial from an engineering and structural perspective during the installation process. As discussed in our previous post, which focused on solar installation on standing seam metal roofs, metal roofs generally offer excellent potential for solar energy utilization, due mainly to their longevity.

So, what distinguishes corrugated metal roofing from standing seam metal roofing? Simply put, it’s easiest to understand by considering their construction: Corrugated roofing features ridges (think waves, trapezoids) integrated into the metal panel itself and is secured to the roof using exposed fasteners. On the other hand, standing seam roofing showcases ribs formed by interlocking channels that conceal the fasteners.

Both types of metal roofing—corrugated and standing seam—are renowned for their durability. They rank among the longest-lasting roofing materials available and offer a range of color and style options.

When installing solar panels on corrugated metal roofing, it’s important to consider how the racking system or attachment method can significantly impact the installation process’s ease and speed. Opting for straightforward products with minimal components that are easy to understand will streamline your work on the roof. For corrugated metal roofing applications, the mounts selected should attach to the sides or top of the metal rib/ridge, avoiding the valley where moisture accumulates and where rain and snow melt-off flow.

Rain dripping off the underside of a corrugated metal roof

Installers, if you haven’t been officially introduced, meet RibFit and CorruSlide!

EcoFasten has had the pleasure of working closely with solar installers for many years. We’ve learned a lot about their needs and their installation challenges. That’s why we’re so excited about RibFit, our innovative rail-less solar racking system perfect for trapezoidal metal roofs.

Product image of EcoFasten's RibFit slide with end clamp attached

RibFit is a comprehensive system that adheres to both UL 2703 & UL 441 and is specifically engineered for metal roofs. The RibFit system comprises an aluminum slide that securely fastens to the top of the rib. Its streamlined design with integrated bonding pins ensures faster installation times than rail-based systems. RibFit is compatible with most trapezoidal/ R-panel metal roof panels with a ridge width of ¾” or greater and 26-gauge or thicker.

Utilizing self-piercing set screws for a quick install and offering three levels of water protection, RibFit works with our Design Assistant Calculator Tool. Four components are all that’s needed for a successful installation:

  1. RIBFIT SLIDE (above)

Features a watertight EPDM rubber strip and is directly attached to the ridge with (2) or (4) self-piercing screws.


Self-piercing screw product image

Self-piercing metal deck screws come with a pre-loaded EPDM rubber-bonded sealing washer to prevent water intrusion.


Product image of EcoFasten's mid clamp for the RibFit solar panel racking system for trapezoidal metal roofs

The click-on Mid Clamp features integrated bonding pins and is designed to fit module frames ranging from 30-50MM.


Product image of EcoFasten's click-one end clamp for the RibFit solar panel racking system for trapezoidal metal roofs

The One Click-on End Clamp is designed to fit solar modules with a height ranging from 30-40mm.

The RibFit Slide is designed to attach directly to the ridge using self-piercing screws with EPDM rubber gasket and is equipped with an EPDM rubber strip at the base that seals the penetration from the sides.

Side view of Ecofasten's rail-less RibFit solar panel racking system for trapezoidal metal roofs

Watch the video to see how it works and how easy it is to install:

Next up is CorruSlide, our rail-based attachment option for corrugated metal roofing applications.

EcoFasten's solar roof attachment, CorruSlide with an EcoFasten L-Foot compression bracket fastened to a blue corrugated metal roof

EcoFasten’s CorruSlide is a versatile solution for attaching solar panels to corrugated roof profiles, is compatible with various EcoFasten compression brackets, and can fit almost all corrugated metal roof profiles. Its hinge-style mount attaches to the sides of the panel ribs, away from valleys where water and moisture accumulate.

EcoFasten's CorruSlide Bracket fastened to a pale greenish grey corrugated metal roof

CorruSlide features an integrated T-slot and hinged design that enables adjustability in all directions. CorruSlide comes with pre-installed EPDM gasket tape and five self-tapping screws with EPDM washers that ensure rugged watertight performance.

Product image of EcoFasten's CorruSlide solar roof attachment for corrugated metal roofs

Check out our CorruSlide “See How it Works” Installation Video, and see why installers use it for their corrugated metal projects – adjustable, fast, and easy to install!

We also have a library chock full of information! Want to download the cut sheets? Visit the RibFit and CorruSlide product pages online – everything you need is there waiting for you to explore!

In addition to offering solar panel mounting solutions, EcoFasten also provides a full range of Electrical Balance of System (eBoS) components for the safety and functionality of the solar array.

Check out your options today, and remember, you are welcome to take advantage of Elevate E-Learning, our Free Installer Certification Program! Elevate is tailored to allow solar PV installation professionals to take their careers to the next level by obtaining the skills and knowledge required for installing best-in-class rooftop mounting systems and solar roof attachments.

EcoFasten logo with the tagline, For Installers. By Installers.

EcoFasten, an Enstall Company, has established a reputation for being one of the industry’s leading innovators by providing expert solutions for mounting solar PV on any roof. EcoFasten’s broad portfolio of solar rooftop mounting systems and attachments stems from the direct needs of solar PV installers. EcoFasten takes pride in providing the right solution for every application.

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