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EcoFasten has established itself as a leader in innovative, installer-friendly, and cost-effective PV rooftop mounting systems for the U.S. solar industry.

offering expert solutions since 2007

EcoFasten was founded in 2007 by a roof installer who recognized the inherent challenges of installing PV on rooftops while maintaining the integrity of the roof itself. With the solar industry beginning to expand rapidly, he applied his expertise and technical skills to develop an innovative line of solar roof mounting systems and roof attachments specifically designed with the installer in mind. Our popular GF-1 mount was one of the industry’s first products to combine roof flashing and a sturdy solar roof mount into one fast installing, waterproof component, paving the way for modern residential solar solutions. Today, our core product line includes the original GF-1 and the rail-less RockIt mounting system; both have been adopted industry-wide and have become staple products in the PV industry.

Innovation & Creativity

EcoFasten has a reputation for being one of the industry’s premier leaders by providing innovative solutions for our residential solar and commercial solar customers. Our Product Development team works directly with many of the largest installers in the country to address their specific needs. We continually seek new ways to improve the installation process and transform the business and the industry. We honor our commitments and take responsibility for our actions while fostering a culture of idea-sharing and embracing change.

An Enstall Company

What drives the EcoFasten business? It’s our passion to produce high-quality products that make a difference!  Under Enstall’s corporate umbrella — along with  IronRidge, Quick Mount, and PanelClaw — we are part of the largest rooftop solar mounting and racking hardware group in the U.S.  This impressive portfolio of companies represents the perfect union of creativity and entrepreneurial vision. We recognize the importance of developing products that do it better, smarter, and with a sense of urgency.