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Technical Resources

EcoFasten provides all the technical data you will need to properly design and install our innovative solar mounting systems and rooftop solar attachments. We provide solar technical information, stamped state certification letters, span tables, as well as complete, up-to-date installation manuals.

Installation Manuals

In-depth, easy-to-follow installation manuals are available for viewing and download for all our solar rooftop mounting systems and solar roof attachments. The installation manuals include detailed instructions on how each mounting system or roof attachment is attached to the roof, as well as specific product ratings, and component assembly line drawings. 

Solar Project Calculator

Our all new Design Assistant is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use solar project calculator tool that’s compatible with our two most popular rooftop solar mounting systems, the rail-less RockIt System, and the rail-based ClickFit System.

Florida Product Approval

As an industry-leading provider of rooftop mounting systems and solar roof attachments, EcoFasten recognizes the need for consistency and uniformity in products and processes. We are proud to have received Florida Product Approval for our GF-1 Flashing with the ClickFit L-Foot and for our QB-1 post, base, and flashing.

State Certification Letters

We offer standard code compliance state certification letters. These letters are Professional Engineer stamped and include span tables. Use our download tool to choose an EcoFasten system, a state, and the ASCE standard to automatically generate downloadable certification letters.

Patented Watertight Technology

One of EcoFasten’s principles has always been to design solar roof mounts that are 100% watertight, and that will protect the roof from water intrusion for the life of the solar array. Many of the solutions in the EcoFasten portfolio of products utilize our patented watertight technology, sealing the penetration point at four levels.