Florida Product Approval

As an industry leader, EcoFasten recognizes the need for consistency and uniformity in products and processes, and we are proud to have received approval for installing solar roof attachments in the State of Florida.

This approval includes the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), under the strict requirements of the 2020 Florida Building Code. Our Florida Product Approval (FL#39871) applies to our QB-1® post & base mount along with the RockIt Smart Slide and the GF-1® flashing when installed with either ClickFit® L-foot or the RockIt® Comp Slide. The ClickFit® racking system (FL#41395) and the RockIt® racking system (FL#41656) are approved for installation on composition shingle roofs.

Additionally, this thorough evaluation process includes testing for resistance to high wind forces (TAS-105) and wind-driven rain (TAS-100A). Our code compliance applies to all regions within the state of Florida, both inside and outside the high-velocity hurricane zones.

EcoFasten is committed to safe solar, even when installed in extreme environments, and by obtaining these product approvals, the permitting process in Florida is more streamlined and efficient.

Approved Attachments & Configurations

GF-1 with ClickFit L-Foot

Florida approved for any combination of 8”x12” GF-1 flashing with the ClickFit L-foot & Lag Screw

FPA components breakdown 1

Smart Foot and Clicker

Florida approved for any combination ClickFit Smart Foot with the ClickFit Clicker & 2-6 Smart Foot Screws

GF-1 with RockIt Slide

Florida approved for any combination of 8”x12” GF-1 flashing with the RockIt Comp Slide & Lag Screw

FPA components breakdown 2

RockIt Smart Slide

Florida approved RockIt Smart Slide and 2-8 Smart Slide Screws

FPA components breakdown 4


Florida approved for any combination of 4.5″ or 6″ QB-1 Post, Base, and Flashing

FPA components breakdown 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can EcoFasten’s Florida Product Approval documentation be found?

EcoFasten’s Florida Product Approvals (FL#39871, FL#41395, FL#41656) can be found on our website or by visiting the Florida Building Code’s database of approved products.

Is this approval compatible with all solar PV modules?

Solar PV modules have individual tested capacity for resistance to high wind forces and wind-driven rain. Refer to the PV module manufacturer’s data sheet, cut sheet, or product manual for module-specific load ratings. 

Will an engineer still be required to stamp my project?

This approval should eliminate the need for a project-specific stamp, as the approval covers structural engineering. Check with your local jurisdiction to confirm requirements.

Is this approval applicable to other/all hurricane-prone regions?

The Florida Building Code and the state’s testing standards are often adopted or cited in other such regions of similar climate and geographical location; however official approval depends on the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).