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watertight solar installations

Because the average rooftop solar installation requires penetrating the roof multiple times, one of EcoFasten’s principles has been to design mounts that protect the roof from water intrusion for the life of the solar array. Many of our most popular mounts incorporate our patented Four-Seal watertight technology, which seals the penetration at four level

Four Levels of Water Protection


The EPDM rubber bonded washer creates a watertight seal on top of the L-foot.


The flashing is fit with an EPDM rubber grommet. When used with any EcoFasten compression bracket (milled with countersink), a watertight seal is created.


The cone-shaped EPDM rubber grommet envelopes the lag bolt completely, creating a watertight seal at the roof layer. When the grommet is compressed, the bolt is completely sealed in place.


The EPDM rubber grommet creates a watertight seal between the flashing and the roof deck, continuously functioning through all types of building movement.

EcoFasten's Simple Seal

How it Works

An innovative cone and countersink interconnection provide compatibility between EcoFasten mounts and all of our various attachment brackets. Depending on roof type, a cone-shaped base plate, flashing, and/or EPDM rubber grommet fits into the bracket’s countersink. When installed and fastened to the roof, a watertight compression seal forms at four locations.

Water Protection for Every Mount

While not all EcoFasten products incorporate the four-seal countersink and cone, waterproofing is a key design element when it comes to developing any of our various solar roof attachments. One example is our RibFit System, which utilizes EPDM rubber strips and gaskets to ensure a watertight seal.

Water Tight Technology Diagram