watertight solar installations

UltraGrip Technology™ is an integrated flashing system that utilizes flexible foam and sealant to flash the roof. This patent-pending technology is a non-metal flashing solution that eliminates the need to pry up shingle courses to install traditional flashing.

Flexible Foam

A layer of flexible EPDM foam provides cushioning and embeds the sealant deep into the shingle granules and gaps and around the shingle steps. 


A super-sticky, proprietary roofer’s sealant adheres to the shingle surface and conforms with the shingle granules. Mounts can be installed in ambient temperature as low as 5° Fahrenheit and up to 118° Fahrenheit.


Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to install – just remove release liner from the sealant stack
  • Can be installed on top of architectural steps up to 1/8″
  • Eliminates the need to drill pilot holes
  • No messy sealant for most installations*
  • No need to add shims for shingle leveling
  • Double-sided release liner protects the sealant on wet roofs pre-installation
  • Compatible with all composition shingle roofs
  • UltraGrip Technology™ absorbs the movement created by thermal expansion and contraction, ensuring a reliable long-term installation.

*Except for the rare case of installation over a shingle joint

UltraGrip Technology is utilized on:

RockIt Smart Slide

A simple solution for quickly installing the RockIt rail-less racking system to any type of composition shingle roof.

  • Conforms to UL 2703 & UL 2703A
  • Florida Product Approved
  • 6.75″ length is ideal for avoiding overlaps in shingles

ClickFit Smart Foot

Combines with the ClickFit rail-based racking system to install on any type of composition shingle roof.

  • Conforms to UL 2703 & UL 2703A
  • Florida Product Approved
  • Raised metal ring encapsulates the foam, sealant, and granules, serving as a secondary waterproofing layer  

Water Protection at its best

While not all EcoFasten products incorporate UltraGrip Technology™, waterproofing is a key design element when it comes to developing any of our various solar racking systems and attachments. Our patented Four-Seal Watertight Technology is incorporated into many of most popular roof attachments.