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ClickFit conforms to UL 2703 and is one of the fastest installing rail-based systems in the industry. Thanks to its Click-In Rail assembly, the rails can be connected to any of EcoFasten’s composition shingle, tile, and metal roof mounts in seconds without the need for fasteners or tools. The ClickFit system is made of robust materials, such as aluminum and coated steel, to ensure corrosion resistance and longevity. ClickFit has been tested in extreme weather conditions including wind, fire, and snow.

Features & Benefits

  • Tool-less and fastener-free rail attachment 
  • Fully integrated bonding 
  • Conforms to UL 2703

Compatible With a Variety of Rooftops

Composition Shingle Roofs

Combine the versatile ClickFit L-Foot with the our patented watertight GF-1 Flashing for installation on composition shingle roofs. GF-1 is available in mill and black finishes.

Flat, S & W-Shaped Tile Roofs

Use the adjustable ClickFit Tile Hook for attaching the ClickFit system to tile roofs. Works with Flat, S, and W-shaped tiles.

standing seam metal roofs

Combine the ClickFit L-Foot with SimpleBlock-U for a fast installation on vertical/double lock metal standing seam roofs. 

System Components


ClickFit Rail

The ClickFit rail connects to both the Click Fit L-Foot and the ClickFit Tile Hook without the need for bolts or fasteners. Mid and End Clamps simply click on to the top of the rail where they remain self standing and easily able to slide. The ClickFit rail is available in 7 ft, 10.4 ft, and 13.8 ft lengths for easy array design.

Mid Clamp

The click-on Mid Clamp features integrated bonding pins and fits modules from 30-50 mm in width.

End Clamp

The click-on End Clamp fits modules from 30-50 mm in width and tighten down using a half inch socket.

End Cap

Slide-on End Caps provide an aesthetic finish and allow for End Clamps to be accurately positioned on the rail in seconds.

ClickFit Rail Splice

Tool-free fully bonded structural internal splice installs in seconds.

Choose Your Roof Attachment

ClickFit L-Foot

The ClickFit L-foot combines with the watertight GF-1 Flashing to mount the system to composition shingle roofs. The rail simply clicks into the L-foot without the need for fasteners or tools

ClickFit Tile Hook

The adjustable ClickFit Tile Hook works with Flat, S and W-shaped tiles. Combine the hook with one of EcoFastens Tile Hook Flashings for a fast install that does not require cutting or grinding the tile. The ClickFit Rail simply clicks into the Tile Hook without the need for fasteners or tools.

Tile Hook Flashing

Eliminate the need for cutting or grinding tiles with EcoFasen’s Tile Hook Flashing. The flashing can be cut using a pair of tin snips to create a pass through for the ClickFit Tile Hook arm. Available in Flat, S, and W-shaped profiles to fit the majority of tiles.


The SimpleBlock-U mounts directly to the metal standing seam. Two oval-point set screws are pre-installed, eliminating the need to penetrate the roof. Combine SimpleBlock-U with the ClickFit L-Foot to install the ClickFit system to most vertical/double lock standing seam metal roofs.

Optional Accessories


As an option, the RockIt skirt can be installed to any module frame using Skirt Clamps. Skirt segments are available in 65″ and 80″ and include aesthetic end clamps that double as interconnection couplers.

MLPE Mount

Attach Module Level Power Electronics to the top of the rail.

ClickFit Wire Clip

The Stainless Steel ClickFit Wire Clip clicks onto the top of the rail and accommodates 1-3 PV wires. The clip responds to tension so it is easy to pull wires through.

Module Jumper

The Module Jumper slides onto the module frames, bonding N-S (ClickFit) or E-W (RibFit). One Module Jumper per row or column is required.

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