"O3 utilizes EcoFasten's versatile RockIt system for many of our installations. The product has decreased the amount of penetrations we make on roof by up to 40%. and has lead to faster installation times and increased efficiency in materials transport. The EcoFasten team is professional, timely, and operates with integrity."

O3 Home Solar
Dallas, TX

"We have worked with EcoFasten for over six years now, and over the years have not been able to find anyone that can do what they do! The level of customer service and knowledge that comes with a partnership with EcoFasten is unmatched by anyone else on the market!"

Ion Solar
Provo, UT

"Since our partnership [with EcoFasten] began in 2017, ReNu Solar & Roofing has had phenomenal experiences with EcoFasten's Team. Receiving great products at a fair market price has been essential to our growth and productivity, including the detailed training offered by the EcoFasten team. Your Customer Service department has been beneficial for ReNu as we adapt with new product features, options, and projection planning. We greatly appreciate your forethought to notify us in advance with all new product options. ReNu continues to value EcoFasten's aesthetically pleasing product choices and their ability to speed up solar installations. The benefits offered from EcoFasten have assisted in propelling ReNu Solar & Roofing as a top contender in the ever-changing solar industry. ReNu's 500% growth in under two years has proven that, thanks in part to our relationship with EcoFasten. The consistency with products, training, and customer service makes recommending EcoFasten easy. Eager to continue this strong partnership and to bring a strong value to one another."

ReNu Solar & Roofing
Harrisburg, PA

"EcoFasten is Suntuity’s preferred solar racking and mounting system manufacturer. Over the years we have used many different solar racking systems, and without question, EcoFasten is one of the best! Their products are easy to install and are incredibly reliable. The RockIt System is designed with a skirt at the bottom of the array, so it has a cleaner, more finished look that sets RockIt installs apart from other solar installations. Using the RockIt System also significantly cuts down on our installation timelines and manpower because it does not require multiple inspections like some other racking solutions we’ve used in the past. The systems we’ve uses are affordably priced, which allows us to provide our customers with a high-quality product without breaking the bank."

Suntuity Solar
Holmdel, NJ