use our solar calculator tool as A Fast & Easy Way to Design Your Projects

EcoFasten has partnered with PV Complete to develop our easy-to-use online solar project calculator tools available for our rail-less RockIt and rail-based ClickFit rooftop solar mounting systems.

Designed for use by solar installers and EPC’s, the solar calculator tools enable users to design advanced solar project layouts, store and recall their projects at any time, and export their final project details to PDF for reference and for sharing purposes.

The calculator tools are designed to be compatible with most industry PV module manufacturers and PV module sizes and will quickly calculate the project layout as well as the necessary attachment components needed for a successful installation with the rail-less RockIt or rail-based ClickFit rooftop solar mounting systems.

It is as easy as entering your project-specific information into the calculator tool. This project specific information includes the roof type, the manufacturer of the roofing material, the overall measurements of the roof, the size and manufacturer of the PV module, project spacing details, and the location of the project. The innovative calculator tools will provide you with an array layout, module spacing recommendations, and a Bill of Materials specific to your solar project. Start designing your next solar project today!

RockIt Calculator

EcoFasten's RockIt Product

Design your project for shingle or tile roofs with the rail-less RockIt System.

ClickFit Calculator

Assembled ClickFit System on a Rail

Design your project for tile, shingle, or metal roofs with the rail-based ClickFit system.