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5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Installing Solar on Tile

At EcoFasten, our founding principle has always been to manufacture easy-to-install, 100% watertight solar roof mounts and attachments. EcoFasten product portfolio of rooftop mounting systems and solar roof attachments has you covered when it comes to mounting solar on tile roofing.

The approach to installing a solar array on tile roofing is entirely different from installing on any other roof type. Like any installation, there are essential factors to consider before the on-roof work begins. Here are five things to keep in mind before starting the installation.


The building code was updated in the mid-eighties to include underlayment as a requirement for tile roofs as a means of protecting homes from wind-driven rain, snow, and sleet. Inspecting the underlayment before designing the solar array is critically important. Underlayment that’s rotting, cracking, or deteriorating could create leaks regardless of what your time on the roof entails.


A widespread issue with tiles roofs is that there is likely past damage that was never addressed such as a dropped tool or a just-a-little-too-heavy footstep. Often, tiles are just sealed back together using silicone or other adhesives and left on the roof. It’s a good idea to make a note of these tiles since any unaccounted-for damage will be associated with the last person up there – you.


Tile roofing can be an ideal home for pests like mice, squirrels, birds, and bats. Tile damage from pests can lead to moisture intrusion, which will rapidly degrade waterproofing properties as well as the structure underneath. If you can get access to the inside of the roof and do a survey of the attic, you’ll get a good sense of whether the roof has a leaky past or is currently leaking.


We all know tile is heavy, and even the heaviest tile can be very brittle. Limiting your time on the roof will help keep structural integrity intact. When you’re up there doing your survey, you’ll get a good idea of how the surface is assembled – which is essential before starting any installation.


By stepping on the headlap (the first 3” on the downslope edge of the tile), you’ll reduce your chances of breaking tiles – just remember even the most seasoned installers break roof tiles, and so will you. Just like previously damaged tiles should be replaced before or during the install, any breakage caused while you’re on the roof should also be fixed. Mounting solutions that incorporate tile flashings are ideal, as they’ll replace a complete tile and will eliminate the need to bore, drill, grind, or cut tiles.


Visit EcoFasten’s product portfolio to choose which rooftop solar mounting systems or solar roof attachment design works for your tile roof application.


ClickFit (Complete Rail-Based Racking System)

EcoFasten's ClickFit installed on a tile roof

RockIt (Complete Rail-Less Racking System)


QB-1 (Strong Post & Base for New Construction)

EcoFasten's QB-1

Tile Hook Flashing (Stand-Alone Tile Flashing for Use with Tile Hooks)

EcoFasten's Tile Hook Flashing








Tile Mounting System (Complete Watertight Replacement Tile & Base Mount)

TR-Mount (Tile Replacement Flashing & Adjustable Base)

EcoFasten's TR-Mount


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