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Optimize Your ClickFit Installs
with ClickFit Wire Management!

Since we know that every successful solar install relies on many factors, we offer our customers a portfolio of products for every type of roof as well as a full suite of electrical balance of system accessories (eBoS) like junction box, conduit accessories, bonding, and wire management, that are compatible with our solar racking systems and roof attachments.

When it comes right down to it, the eBoS components used play an important role in the overall safety and functionality of an array. In fact, the dependability of the eBoS accessories is one of the three “biggies” needed for a successful solar PV installation. The other two are the module efficiency and the strength of the solar racking or mounting systems selected for the job.

One of those racking solutions, which quickly became an installer favorite, is the rail-based ClickFit. ClickFit is a complete system that we designed to work on tile, comp shingle, AND metal roofing. Not only is the system versatile and robust, it also warrants its own wire management accessories.

Enter the ClickFit Wire Management Clamp and the ClickFit Wire Clip! Both are designed to be used with the ClickFit System and both offer optimum wire management capabilities.

ClickFit Wire Management Clamp

Designed to be used with our rail-based ClickFit Racking System, the ClickFit Wire Management Clamp is a simple component constructed of two pieces, giving installers a super quick installation right to the rail. Using only one self-piercing screw, the clamp can hold up to four PV wires or two trunk cables!

ClickFit Wire Clip

Also for use with our rail-based ClickFit System, our wire management solution that clips onto the top of the rail is the ClickFit Wire Clip. Fabricated from Stainless Steel and accommodating 1-3 PV wires or 1 Q cable and 1-2 PV wires, the clip responds to tension, so pulling wires through is easier than ever, saving you time and getting you off the roof faster.

All installers know that wire can run in any direction on a roof, so we designed this clip so it can be installed on both the north and the south side of each rail – this will ensure that you are completing your project with the optimum in wire management.

The next time you have a project on tile, shingle, or metal, give ClickFit a try, and when it comes to wire management, EcoFasten has you covered!

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EcoFasten, an Enstall Company, has established a reputation for being one of the industry’s leading innovators by providing expert solutions for mounting solar PV on any roof. EcoFasten’s broad portfolio of solar rooftop mounting systems and attachments stems from the direct needs of solar PV installers. EcoFasten takes pride in providing the right solution for every application.

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