Smart Conduit Mount: See How it Works

Smart Conduit Mount Video: See How It Works

Smart Conduit Mount is our newest and easiest solution for raising electrical conduit up and off the surface of the roof. This mount installs quickly on composition shingle roofs and can be positioned in either N-S or E-W orientation, giving the installer maximum flexibility. The Smart Conduit Mount features our proprietary UltraGrip Technology™. A layer of cushioning foam helps to embed the waterproofing sealant deep into the granules of the shingle. Compatible with all conduit clamps (not included).


  • Eliminates the need to pry up shingle courses and install a metal flashing
  • Rafter or Direct to Deck mounting options
  • No need to drill pilot holes
  • Rotates 360° for conduit runs in any direction
  • Conforms to UL 2239 & UL 2703A
  • Three integrated adjustment slots position the conduit perfectly
  • Drainage holes for water shedding
  • Works with most common conduit types, including EMT, RMC, IMC, Rigid PVC, and Liquid Tight Flexible Metallic Conduit