Conduit Mount Comp: See How it Works

 Conduit Mount Comp Solar Attachment Video: See How It Works


The elevated design of the Conduit Mount Comp bracket raises electrical conduit up and off the surface of the roof
and supports it, which helps in preventing wiring from overheating. The bracket installs either directly into the rafter or can be installed direct-to-deck (when combined with the
GF-1 Flashing). The versatile Conduit Mount Comp bracket can be positioned in either N-S or E-W orientation, giving the installer maximum flexibility in positioning. The Conduit Mount Comp can be used on new or retrofit (existing) composition shingle roofs, utilizes EcoFasten’s patented watertight technology, and is also available in a configuration specifically designed for attachment to metal roofs, utilizing our SimpleSeal EPDM rubber bushing to create a watertight compression seal.


>> Patented Watertight Technology

>> Mounts electrical conduit off the roof, preventing wiring from overheating

>> The Conduit Mount Comp bracket can be positioned in N-S or E-W orientation

>> Compatible with all conduit clamps (not included) and with a variety of mounting systems

>>Can be installed into a rafter or can be attached direct-to-deck

>> Also available for attachment to metal roofs utilizing our SimpleSeal EPDM rubber bushing


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