Eco-65: See How it Works

ECO-65™ Solar Attachment Video: See How It Works


ECO-65 is engineered specifically for installing solar PV on new or existing (retrofit) low-slope roofs regardless of the roofing substrate or the insulation thickness. ECO-65 is used by countless manufacturers of ballasted solar racking systems to augment their products for weight reduction and as a seismic attachment method. The ECO-65 utilizes a large base plate (5.5” x 6”) with multiple fastener points for optimum load dispersal and was designed for attachment to either wood blocking or directly to wood decking. The base plate features two threaded studs for
attachment, allowing for the use of larger compression brackets. ECO-65 is accepted by most major low-slope roofing material manufacturers.


>> Engineered for mounting solar arrays on low-slope & flat roofs

>> ECO-65 is a specialized solution that was designed to match any proprietary hardware

>> The watertight ECO-65 is compatible with any rail-based or rail-less solar racking system

>> The large base plate provides a wide footprint for optimum load dispersal

>> Base plate features two threaded studs to facilitate the use of larger compression brackets

>> Direct-to-deck or structural attachment