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Florida Product Approval:
Good News for You and Your Projects

At EcoFasten, we’re committed to safe solar. We recognize and support the need for consistency and uniformity in products and processes, and we’re happy to announce that we were recently awarded Product Approval for two of our solar roof attachments and configurations to be installed in the State of Florida.

Florida Product Approval falls under the 2020 Florida Building Code (FBC). When installing solar roof mounts in Dade and Broward counties, as well as throughout the rest of the State of Florida, four requirements must be met to comply with the 2020 FBC: UL Certifications, Racking Structural Capacity & Span Tables, Roof Attachment Structural Capacity Certification Letters, and Roof Attachment Waterproofing/Flashing per the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), the Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal, & Air Conditioning Contractors Association (FRSA) and the Tile Roofing Institute (TRI).

What does this mean for solar installers?

Although Florida Product Approval is required for many products, Rooftop PV racking is not one of those product categories. Essentially, by having our attachments approved for installation in the State of Florida, installers will see a more streamlined, efficient permitting process. The approval eliminates the need for a project-specific stamp since the approval covers the structural engineering of solar racking.

The first solar roof attachment EcoFasten offers that meets the required specifications for installation in the State of Florida is our GF-1® Flashing when used with the ClickFit® L-foot. The 8” x 12” GF-1 Flashing is available in black or mill finish, installs with a single fastener, and is known as one of the fastest installing attachments in the industry. When used in combination with an EcoFasten compression bracket, in this case, our ClickFit L-foot, our patented watertight seal is created, maintaining the integrity of the roof.


We offer two GF-1 structural capacity documents for permit packets:

  1. ClickFit L-foot Capacity Report
  2. GF-1 Installation Manual

The second EcoFasten solar roof attachment that meets the specifications for installation in the State of Florida is our QB-1® Post & Base. QB-1’s super strong base can be used on composition shingle, tile, shake, slate, metal shingle, and low slope rooftop applications. QB-1 is a rail-based solution that’s ideal for new construction projects. The base can be installed before the roofing material, so the posts can be shingled or tiled around.


Like the GF-1, we also offer two QB-1 structural capacity documents for permit packets:

  1. QB-1 State of Florida Certification Letter
  2. QB-1 Installation Manual.

The approvals that were received include the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) under the strict requirements of the 2020 FBC. This extensive evaluation process included testing for resistance to high wind forces (TAS-105) and wind-driven rain (TAS-100A).

EcoFasten’s Florida Product Approval (FL#39871) can be found on our website or by visiting the Florida Building Code’s database of approved products.

EcoFasten, an Enstall Company, has established a reputation for being one of the industry’s leading innovators by providing expert solutions for mounting solar PV on any roof. EcoFasten’s broad portfolio of solar rooftop mounting systems and attachments stems from the direct needs of solar PV installers. EcoFasten takes pride in providing the right solution for every application.

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