ClickFit Smart Foot:
See How it Works

ClickFit Smart Foot Video: See How It Works

Introducing our fast-installing Smart Foot! Created for use with our rail-based ClickFit System, the mount easily attaches to composition shingle roofs. Fabricated from cast aluminum, the ClickFit Smart Foot features our proprietary UltraGrip Technology™. A layer of foam cushioning helps to embed the waterproofing sealant deep into the granules of the shingle and flexibly conforms over the steps commonly found on architectural-style shingles. Simply peel the backing off the release liner from the underside of the UltraGrip pad and place the mount on the shingles. The mount comes packaged with the ClickFit “Clicker.” Screws are sold separately.


>>Integrated flashing with UltraGrip Technology

>>Multiple opportunities to find the rafter

>>Eliminates the need to drill pilot holes

>>Conforms to UL 2703 & UL 2703A

>>No sealant is required for most installations

>>No need to add adhesive shims for shingle leveling

>>Built-in alignment guide for fast “Clicker” leveling

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