RockIt Smart Slide:
See How it Works

RockIt Smart Slide Video: See How It Works

Introducing RockIt Smart Slide – the ultimate solution for fast and easy installation of the rail-less RockIt racking system on composition shingle roofs. Smart Slide conforms to UL 441 and TAS 100 (A)-95 for wind and wind-driven rain, providing a super-strong watertight seal that is achieved through compression, in most cases without the need for additional sealant.

The waterproofing sealant is embedded deep into the granules of the shingle, thanks to the integrated flexible foam layer that provides cushioning. This ensures a secure fit that conforms to any architectural-style shingle. With UltraGrip Technology™, you can rely on a secure installation, as it absorbs the movement created by thermal expansion and contraction. The pre-installed sealing pads are compatible with all composition shingle roofs, making it the ideal choice, even in ambient temperatures as low as 5 degrees.


  • Integrated flashing uses UltraGrip Technology
  • No more drilling pilot holes
  • No need to pry up shingle courses and install metal flashing
  • Conforms to UL 2703 & UL 2703A
  • Provides multiple opportunities to locate the rafter
  • Longer 6.75” slide avoids overlaps in shingle courses
  • No extra material is needed for unlevel architectural shingles