Junction Box: See How it Works

Junction Box Video: See How It Works

EcoFasten’s UL 2703 compliant Junction Box is available in deck-mount and rail-mount kits. The box’s hinged lid can be removed for wire management or remain open for installation on roofs with up to a 70-degree pitch, and has ample room to house up to four DC or AC strings.

The box interior features multiple screw bosses and mounting screws providing flexible orientation of the DIN rails and grounding bars. Integrated weep holes are rated for NEMA-3R compliance. Pre-drilled guides on the South, East, and West side of the box streamline conduit pass-through drilling for conduit up to one inch in diameter.

The deck-mount kit includes a watertight flashing sized so that it does not require cutting around the shingles.

The box featured a pre-installed EPDM rubber seal that compresses when attached to the flashing. Two deck screws allow the box to be mounted directly to the roof deck. EcoFasten’s Junction Box supports up to two attic or eave pass-throughs that can be located anywhere within the watertight oval shape. The lid screw and locking nut are designed to remain securely in place even when the lid is hinged open. The box’s low-profile design allows it to sit under the array.

The rail-mounted kit seamlessly integrates with EcoFasten’s ClickFit racking system using two ClickFit MLPE Mounts. Alternatively, the Junction Box can be attached to the rail system of your choice using third-party MLPE mounts or bolts.

  •  Ample room to house four strings (DC/AC)
  •  Weep holes rated for NEMA 3R compliance
  •  Multiple bosses for flexibility with DIN rails and grounding lugs
  •  Supports up to two attic pass-throughs
  •  Minimal components for a fast and easy installation
  •  Low profile design fits under the array

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