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UltraGrip Technology™
for Watertight Solar Installations

Since protecting the integrity of the roof itself is job one, waterproofing is a key design element when it comes to developing any of our various solar racking systems and attachments.

Introducing UltraGrip Technology™, our patent-pending integrated flashing system.

We’ve worked with many solar installers over the years and found that they all had one thing in common – the desire for successful, watertight solar installations. That’s where EcoFasten comes in!

We saw the need for this technology early on and we’re so excited to finally announce it to the industry. Wondering exactly what UltraGrip Technology is? Let’s break it down.

UltraGrip Technology is our newest watertight flashing solution that eliminates the need to purchase or install traditional metal roof flashings when installing solar modules on composition shingle roofs. The secret is the layer of flexible EPDM foam, which provides cushioning while the sealant embeds itself deep into the shingle granules, creating the watertight properties needed for success.

Thanks to this integrated flashing system, installers no longer need to pry up shingles courses to install metal flashing. The extra sticky proprietary roof sealant adheres directly to the shingle surface, conforming with, and embedding into, the shingle granules, and can be installed in a wide range of ambient temperatures as high as 118° Fahrenheit all the way down to 5° Fahrenheit.

There’s so much more to UltraGrip Technology than what we’ve already covered. Not needing to drill pilot holes is a huge benefit, saving an exorbitant amount of time. Also, there’s zero need to install shims for leveling since there are zero metal flashings, and is compatible with all composition shingle roofs on top of steps up to 1/8”.

UltraGrip Technology is utilized on the underside of two of our most recent product launches, our rail-less RockIt Smart Slide and our rail-based ClickFit Smart Foot. On the underside of the Smart Slide and on the underside of the Smart Foot, you’ll find a release paper as you would find on the back of a sticker – all that needs to be done by the solar installer is to remove the release liner


RockIt Smart Slide is a super simple solution for installing the rail-less RockIt System onto any composition shingle roof. Not only is the Smart Slide an ideal 6.75” long to avoid shingle overlaps, and it also conforms to UL 2703 and is Florida Product Approved.



Our innovative ClickFit Smart Footv combines with the ClickFit System, and, just like the RockIt Smart Slide, the rail-based Smart Foot installs on any type of composition shingle roofing. Serving as a secondary waterproofing layer, a raised metal ring on the underside of the Smart Foo goes to work encapsulating the flexible foam, the sealant, and the granules.

UL 2703 conformance and Florida Product Approval make Smart Foot an ideal rail-based solution for mounting solar on composition shingle roofs. The Smart Foot comes packaged with the ClickFit Clicker.

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EcoFasten, an Enstall Company, has established a reputation for being one of the industry’s leading innovators by providing expert solutions for mounting solar PV on any roof. EcoFasten’s broad portfolio of solar rooftop mounting systems and attachments stems from the direct needs of solar PV installers. EcoFasten takes pride in providing the right solution for every application.

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