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ISO 9001: What It Is and What It Means

We are proud to announce that we have received ISO 9001 certification, which is a testament to our dedication to improving operations and delivering top quality while reducing costs. We’re excited to continue implementing best practices and delivering superior products and services to our valued customers.

But first, what is ISO 9001?

The Quality Management System (QMS) standard known as ISO 9001 is the most recognized in the world. Its purpose is to assist organizations in providing goods and services that meet the needs of their customers and other stakeholders. This is accomplished by establishing a framework for ensuring consistent quality. The standard is based on seven quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, top management involvement, and a commitment to continuous improvement. The importance of each principle varies between organizations and over time. The principles are not listed in order of priority.

The seven quality management principles are:

  1. Customer focus
  2. Leadership
  3. Process approach
  4. Evidence-based decision making
  5. Engagement of people
  6. Relationship management
  7. Improvement

Now that you have some understanding of what ISO 9001 is, what does “being ISO 9001 certified” really mean?

Having an ISO 9001 certification is solid proof that a business prioritizes customer satisfaction. This can benefit customers in several ways, like:

  • Trusted relationships: Organizations looking for new suppliers often require a QMS based on ISO 9001, especially in the public sector.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Higher operating efficiency
  • Better process integration: By examining process interactions, we can identify areas where we can improve efficiencies for our customers.
  • A culture of continuous improvement: This is the third principle of ISO 9001. It means that we embed a systematic approach to identifying opportunities to improve.

Maintaining the accreditation for ISO 9001 requires continuous improvements in systems, staff training, organizational structure, and the procedures we use to ensure successful outcomes for our customers.

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