ClickFit: Click-in Rail Assembly

ClickFit® Solar Mount Video: Click-In Rail Assembly 


This supplemental video provides an overview of how EcoFasten’s ClickFit Click-In rail assembly works. Before installing the ClickFit system, download and read the most current installation manual.


Thanks to ClickFit’s unique Click-In Rail assembly, the rails can be connected to any of EcoFasten’s composition shingle, tile, and metal roof mounts in seconds and secured into place with a pre-installed rail bolt. The EcoFasten ClickFit system is made of robust materials, such as aluminum and coated steel, to ensure corrosion resistance and longevity. ClickFit has been tested in extreme weather conditions including wind, fire, and snow.


>> Pre-installed rail bolt 

>> Fully integrated bonding 

>> Conforms to UL 2703 & UL 2703A