GF-1: See How it Works

GF-1® Solar Attachment Video: See How It Works

GF-1 is our most versatile solution for composition shingle roofs. Install the flashing using a single fastener for a quick & easy installation. When using the GF-1 flashing grommet and an EcoFasten compression bracket, a watertight seal is created, maintaining the integrity of the roof.


One of the key features of the GF-1 flashing is the EPDM rubber grommet design. The grommet prevents the lag screw threads from catching and damaging the flashing, and when under compression, the grommet creates four levels of water protection.


The grommet conforms to the cone shape stamped into the underside of the GF-1 flashing, creating a seal between the bracket and the flashing, while the cone angle compresses the grommet tightly against the lag screw. The grommet shape also supports the flashing, preventing it from collapsing under compression while acting as a final moisture barrier, as well as a spring-like cushion. This spring-like cushion effect absorbs dynamic forces such as thermal movement, assuring a compression seal under all conditions. 


>> Patented Watertight Technology

>> Installs without removing shingles

>> One lag bolt for attachment at a single penetration point

>> Works with most rail-based systems

>> Compatible with a variety of EcoFasten compression brackets

>> Available in mill and black finish


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