QB-1: See How it Works

QB-1 Solar Attachment Video: See How It Works


The solar industry favorite QB-1 system utilizes a super-strong and extremely versatile base that can be used on composition shingle, tile, shake, slate, metal shingle, and low slope rooftop solar applications. QB-1 is the ideal rail-based solution for mounting solar on new residential construction projects because the mounts can be installed before the roofing material, allowing for the roof to be shingled or tiled around the installed mounts. Aluminum cone flashings are sized specifically to fit the post and are available when being installed on composition shingle and tile roofs.


>> QB-1 is the strongest post & base mount in the solar industry

>> Four structural attachment points require only two fasteners for added strength and versatility

>> Solar mounting solution for a variety of commonly used residential roofing materials

>> QB-1 features two levels of flashing when used for tile roof applications

>> Tile-level flashing is malleable to conform to the shape of any tile profile

>> Ideal solar mounting solution for new residential construction projects

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