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Introducing EcoFasten’s RibFit System

 RibFit™ Solar Mount Video: Introducing EcoFasten’s RibFit System


Introducing the all-new RibFit rail-less racking system for metal roofs.


The economically priced RibFit System consists of only four main components. It is designed to be installed directly to the raised portion of most trapezoidal and R-panel metal roofs using two self-piercing screws. A pre-installed watertight EPDM rubber strip and EPDM bonded gasket secure the penetrations from water intrusion. Optionally, four screws may be employed for extra strength in extreme climates. End clamps click on the slides and can easily be positioned for north to south adjustability.


The entire system can be installed and tightened down using a single ½” socket and the RibFit mid-clamps feature integrated bonding pins to bond together all of the modules in a column. A single clip-on Bonding Jumper is used to bond each column in the row. The RibFit rail-less racking system means that your arrays will be installed in minimal time and without the need to transport long rails.


>> Patented Watertight Technology

>> RibFit utilizes only four main components

>> Secures to the top of the rib on most Trapezoidal and R-Panel metal roofs


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