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The innovative RockIt system conforms to UL 2703 & UL 2703A and is the solar industry’s premier rail-less PV racking system for use on a variety of roof types including composition shingle, tile (flat, S, and W), and metal pitched rooftops. Designed in conjunction with solar installers, the RockIt System quickly & easily installs with the use of just a single tool, speeding up the overall installation time.

The RockIt System features an easy-to-position mount alignment and a top-down leveling system that gives the installer the ability to level the PV array during or after the initial installation. Solar installers appreciate the north-south adjustability the RockIt System provides, as it allows for greater flexibility and versatility. The RockIt System is logistically intelligent since there is no need to ship, transport, or store long rails. RockIt System components are available in a black finish that complements both commercial and residential rooftop solar applications alike.

Standard State Code Compliance Certification letters that include a Professional Engineer stamped letter of certification as well as span tables are available for viewing and download by using our State Certification Letters & Span Tables tool.

>> Patented Watertight Technology

>> Top-down leveling system

>> Single tool install

>> Conforms to UL 2703 & UL 2703A


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