Rail-less solar racking system for concrete roofs

Flat Concrete



Rail-less fixed-position racking system

The rail-less SimpleRack System is engineered specifically for use in flat concrete roofing applications. The system is ideal for fast, easy fixed-positioning mounting. SimpleRack provides integrated bonding and conforms to UL 2703.

Features & Benefits

  • Rail-less racking that conforms to UL 2703
  • 10° fixed-position mounting solution
  • Integrated bonding
  • Tested to 170 mph winds (Exposure D)

Compatible With Flat Concrete Roofs

Single-Bolt Attachment

The SR-X Leg Kit is directly fastened to flat concrete roofs using appropriate bolts or screws. A short leg and a tall leg allow for a fast installing, fixed-position racking solution with a 10° tilt.

System Components


SR-X End Spacer

The SR-X End Spacer is available in 32, 35, and 40 mm heights to fit the majority of module frame sizes. Combine it with the SimpleBlock-PV to create an end clamp.

SR-X Leg Kit

The SR-X Leg kit includes both the short and tall leg, along with clamp heads and bolts. Combine the kit with the End Spacer of your choice to form a complete fixed-position rail-less racking system.

Optional Accessories

RockIt Clip

Attach and fully bond Module Level Power Electronics to the module frame with a single-bolt clip.

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