44-R: See How it Works

44-R™ Solar Attachment Video: See How It Works

The 44-R is a direct-to-deck attachment system that can be used to mount solar arrays on a variety of roof types, including low slope / flat (comp shingle, membrane / TPO / PVC / EPDM), and SIPs (structural insulated panel) roofs. The base plate of the 44-R utilizes 8 fasteners, which allows the system to be installed directly to the roof deck without the need to engage a rafter. Compatibility with a wide variety of EcoFasten compression bracket options to ensure complete watertight protection while providing the solar installer with a proven, customizable solution. 44-R was designed for installation on new or existing (retrofit) roofs and has been extensively tested for both pullout and shear.


>> Patented Watertight Technology

>> Specialized solution to match any proprietary hardware

>> Direct-to-deck solar attachment

>> For use on new or existing (retrofit) roof applications

>> Compatible with a variety of EcoFasten compression brackets

>> Large base plate and multiple attachment points to distribute compressive loads over standard insulation


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