QuikFoot: See How it Works

 QuikFoot™ Solar Attachment Video: See How It Works


QuikFoot utilizes an elevated base plate and two self-drilling screws for attachment to the rafter without the need to pre-drill. The base plate and self-drilling screws provide optimum uplift and pullout values and are hidden by the QuikFoot flashing when fully installed. QuikFoot can be paired with a variety of EcoFasten compression brackets, and because it employs such strong uplift and pullout values, QuikFoot is an ideal rooftop solar mounting solution when installing in coastal locations or in areas that receive high winds. QuikFoot is compatible with  rail-based and rail-less solar racking systems and was designed for use on new  or existing (retrofit) composition shingle and slate roofs.


>> Patented Watertight Technology

>> Compatible with new or existing (retrofit) composition shingle and slate roofs

>> When paired with an EcoFasten compression bracket, a watertight compression seal is formed

>> Installs easily on existing roofing without the need for removing shingles or slates

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